Trying to change name on Bill

I recently took responsibility for paying my 85-year-old mother’s bills. Noticed her Verizon bill is still under the name of her former companion, who passed away years ago. She doesn’t wish to change her current number, which is her prerogative of course.

I decided to put the bill under my name.

I called Verizon, went through the process of credit checks and what have you with various people, who indicated I didn’t need a death certificate, yet after their credit dept cleared me and transferred me back to customer service, a totally different person told me I will need a death certificate, which would be quite the chore to get for such a small matter.

Decided to let it go and continue paying a bill with a dead person’s name on it, which is rather creepy in my book.

Verizon – you’ll need to get your act together, in terms of consistency.