Two Year Contract Price NOT Being Honored.
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I moved at the beginning of June and because of the current promotions, this meant I'd be getting the triple play for WAY less. I was assured numerous times that my bill would remain $73.66 (tax included in that) for the contract to which I felt was too good to be true. I annoyingly went over every little detail, making sure I wasn't missing a thing and again, was I repeatedly assured this was the price.

First month, that was accurate down to the penny. Last month, it suddenly jumped nearly $25, which I figured occasionally we have addition tax charges yadeeyada and let it slide. The third bill is here and low and behold, it's still at the increased price. I think it's rather unfair to lock someone into a contract, with a set price, and then switch that price on them. 

If someone can address this, I'd be greatly appreciative. 

Re: Two Year Contract Price NOT Being Honored.
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