Two appointments cancelled by Verizon! Why make appointments?

I made an appointment for Sunday from 11-3 for no dial tone on my home phone. I cleared my schedule and was home and got a call at 1:00 that no one would be coming and that I was rescheduled for Monday from 3-7. At 5:00 on Monday, I got a text that I was rescheduled for TUESDAY from 3-7. I have already rearranged my schedule to be here for TWO days and now they are telling me I have to do it again! What's the sense of making an appointment at all if they don't show up? I said that I can be here from 3-7 on Thursday, but it's not available! Shouldn't having the appointment cancelled twice by THEM allow me to choose the time? Everything that they would need to work on is outside of my house-I have no idea why someone needs to be here. It's clearly THEIR issue and is likely just the line from the pole to the house. I don't really care when they come if they are working outside. The representative asked if there was anything else that he should put on the ticket. I said, "Yes, tell them to show up!" I am BEYOND irritated at this point. 

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Why even bother paying Verizon for home phone if they are jerking you around?

i would go to a VoIP phone service that runs off your home internet.

there is MagicJack at $35 for the device with one year of service and a port in fee if you want to keep your existing number. I use a service called voipo at $185 for two years and they supply the ATA to connect to your router. Loads of free features over 40+ And they have good service if you need it.

the world today has loads of competition on goods and services. Why just play verizons game? Show your dissatisfaction by moving to a better service.