Two year contract going up 30.00 after one year

I agreed to a two year contract price, but noticed that my bill is rising by $30 at the end of the first year which is happening next month.  I was not told this when I signed up.  I would have never agreed to those terms.  Can anything be done to keep the original contract price in place since the representative never told me?

Re: Two year contract going up 30.00 after one year
Community Leader
Community Leader

You should have received an email when you signed up.

It is possible that as part of your deal, some discounts were for only 1 year.

Also, check your bill.

I believe it also shows on your bill when discounts will expire.

BTW, it is not uncommon for a service provider to have a contract where the price goes up during the contract. I see it in the small print on TV ads all the time.