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First of all I wanted to express my shocking disappointment and at this point frustration with the services we are receiving from Verizon.

Let me explain this close to UNBELIEVABLE story. In November new to Florida area we were looking for a TV and Internet provider for our new home. Previous owner of the house used to have Brighthouse services but we have decided to do some research before making the right decision.

We went to the Verizon Store {edited for privacy}. Chris as we were later informed the manager of that location has explained the services both tv, internet and the phone, as well as the current promotions. I have specifically asked how much would our monthly fee be INCLUDING taxes. Chris has stated around $138-$140. That included ExtremeHD Package, 50/50 internet and fully loaded premium channels package.
He has also mentioned the first is going to be higher because of the activation fees but not to worry about it just come back to the store and he will remove those extra charges.

Even though we had a similar offer from the Brighthouse as well as Direct TV, based on explained quality of your services he has convinced us to go with verizon.

He had set up the installation for couple days in advance. I have asked about any contract or paperowork information in regards to this contract. Chris has told us that the person that installs the services will bring the contract and any type of the paperwork. We believed it.

Long story short.. the person that was installing the services (very polite gentlemen) told us he does not provide ANY type of such paperwork/contracts etc.. Second of all the premium channels were not loaded and we were told we do not have a subscription for those. We have contacted Chris around 5 times asking what is going on with those channels. Every time he said there was a mistake and it should be fixed and they will be working within the next 24 hours. That did not happen. A week later I have asked to speak ti his supervisor. Thats when he became RUDE, refused helping and hang up on me on the phone. My husband went to speak to him again next day. He said again his regional manager (a male) was working on it.
We have finally received a phone call from a lady that has introduced herself as a regional or district manager and assured us she will fixed the problem asap. Apologized and also mentioned we will receive a $400 gift card.

The premium channels were on and working. We were happy to see the problem was fixed.

We have received the first bill. it was more than $139 as we were told. it is over $172.
My husband went back to the store as we were supposed to to have those activation fees waved. Chris was not there but another representative called the other location to talk to him. Chris remembered us, asked for all of our account information and promised he will take care of it.
As you can imagine.. NEVER did.

The new bill has arrived.. and now the situation is getting even MORE upsetting. The bill is no longer $139 as promised. It is not even $170! Now it is $273!
While speaking to verizon customer service not only we have found out our bill is NOWHERE close to the promised $139 but also the fact that our bundle has changed, also! suddenly we are subscribed for the phone service as well! the phone number that is showing on the bill is{edited for privacy}. Even though we have originally stated we are not interested in the phone service and were told we will not have any of such service with Verizon.

We are beyond shock! How could anything like that have place with a nationwide company like Verizon? How can one promise $139 services but sign anyone up for something totally different.
We were lied to numerous times. Store managers customer service is just horrifying! I just cannot even believe we have to go through this situation.

I really hope someone takes care of this nightmare and fixes these issues.

I am ready to pay my bill as soon as this situation is solved. I am trying to be a patient customer but it is clearly becoming worse and worse.
We cannot get any solution from the store level. After so mnay lies we do not trust the store management anyway. And he does not want to provide any information to his supervisors.
Verizon Wireless phone customer service employees are extremely polite but are letting us know they cannot do anything for us.

I need it fixed as soon as possible.

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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.