Unable to terminate Verizon services, unable to access live chat, unable to access customer service

I have already changed my provider to Comcast. Verizon Fios in the newer form does not extend to my neighborhood. I was only receiving Verizon's landline service, but was paying for a bundled group of services. I contacted Verizon to ask whether I could pay for my landline service only, but was told by a chat rep a couple of months ago that this was impossible. Finally, I contacted Comcast, which was already providing wireless service to my house, and asked them to include my landline. They contacted Verizon for me, trying to port my old phone number, but were unable to do that. However, my old phone number with Verizon is no longer working because it has been disconnecting since October 6th. However, Verizon is still billing me for services that I am not receiving, including forward billing through November, and is not allowing me to discontinue services. I no longer have the same phone number, so if I call Verizon, their system will not recognize me as a customer. I went online to enter live chat with a customer service rep, but there was no live chat.  I made repeated attempts to encounter any kind of method to contact any kind of customer service rep, but only found repeated loops on the website, all of them leading to nothing. Recently, Verizon should have sent me reminders to pay my bill. But there have been no reminders, and not even an email about my account. An email might have provided some way to interact with an agent, although most are automated.

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Hi Symphony13,

You can cancel Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (ET) by calling 1-844-837-2262. You'll need to provide your account number to cancel the service, so have that handy when you call.