Unauthorized Change to TV Service Plans

There have been unauthorized changes to my TV service plans twice in the last billing cycles and I'm clearly agitated.

The facts:

a. On June 19th, I received a Verion email notification stating that my TV plan was changed from Prime to Extreme HD. I know none from our household initiated this change. I called a Verizon rep and wanted an explanation and resolution of this issue. Verizon was able to prove on their part that no call was made that authorized any changes. BUT, Verizon intimated that the change might have been done remotely. I asked them to prove to me how that was possible since none from my household how this is even done. Verizon promised to change back my plan to Prime. My issue with this sequence of events is that Verizon is throwing the burden to the customers to provide proof that the change was not initiated by the latter. 

b. On July 16th, I received an email bill notifying me that my bill increased by almost $70 from $321 to $385 because of a change in TV service plan from Prime to Extreme HD (again!!!). It is now apparent that Verizon never change back my plan to Prime. I called Verizon rep (Jane) and complained about this incident. I asked them to retroact the changes as I do not (and will not) give Verizon the satisfaction of benefiting from their own mistake and inadequacy. They kept on implying that maybe somebody did the change remotely. How can I prove a negative.  When someone buys from Apple Store or Apple iTunes, one needs to put in their password everytime.  There is no such thing with Verizon with respect to change in TV service plans according to them. Yes, with respect to buying movies on Fios, one needs to authenticate. But it seems, Verizon, through, utter corporate or institutional laziness,  did not care to put the same authentication process and is asking the customers to prove otherwise. I can firmly say that none from my housefhold made any changes remotely, online to our TV service plans. Something is wrong with the Verizon system. But Verizon is totally screwing its customers by not correcting their system or by denying that such a problem exists. If Verizon wants to do right by its customers, then an easy fix can be made by requiring authentication for any change in rate or package plans done remotely or online. 

Bottom line: No one verbally or remotely authorized a change in my TV plans from Prime HD to Extreme HD. None.

The Verizon rep (Jane) who I spoke to promise to escalate and stated that they will correct my current bill. 

My trust with Verizon is broken. I have wasted three hours resolving the issued outlined in a and b above. My blood pressure is up and am clearly agitated at this point. I need someone Verizon to step up and resolve this situation not only on my behalf but all other customers who might be encountering the same problems as I have.

Please help.

Re: Unauthorized Change to TV Service Plans
Community Leader
Community Leader

You are talking to peers not Verizon.

Call them or chat.  1-800-Verizon or use chat which is one of the options on the contact us options on every page http://www.verizon.com/support/residential/contact-us/index.htm .