Unauthorized payment

Today I received an email stating thank you for your payment. I never authorized a payment for TODAY! I made a payment last week and they took that payment. THEY said i authorized payment on verizon.com  FIRST, i go on to the verizon page and make payments for that day when i make my payments. I dont schedule and i certainly dont schedule a payment on a non-pay week for me. I live pay check to paycheck. Each pay i have certain bills to be paid. THIS is putting my bank account in the negative. And Verizon cant do anything for me....as it went through???    Call my bank????  This is not right. I didnt authorize a paymet for this week. Someone needs to stop this from getting to my account today.............!!!!!  I am ready to go to another cable company. Even after i got my mother to choose verizon over another company this month. Should have stopped her.  I am really upset about this. There is no way i authorized this. Please help rectify this situation.

Re: Unauthorized payment
Moderator Emeritus
This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.