Undo recent changes to account


I seemed to accidentally have made some changes to my Verizon account. I was browsing plans to see if I could find a cheaper Internet/Landline bundle. I don't even know how it got submitted, but it now says "Your current plan $161.99/mo." My old plan was about $75/mo including all the fees and taxes. 

Once I saw this, I tried to reorder my old plan and submitted the corrections. Then it stated that a technician was scheduled to arrive in a week, which I don't want or need.

I contacted the Verizon Live Chat to cancel the technician arriving and get me back to my old bill of $75/mo (rather than $161.99+fees). I think the chat support removed the tecnhician, but it still says that my plan is $161.99 per month. I can't figure out how to access Live Chat again to check up on this (it just popped up the first time). I would just really like to cancel all recent changes to my account and go back to my old bundle.

Thank you for any help

Re: Undo recent changes to account

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.