Unethical Charge By Verizon After I Cancelled

Does anyone have any ideas for how to seek restitution for what I believe to be an extremely unethical and fraudulent charge by Verizon after I switched carriers? A few months ago,  I was considering switching carriers to reduce my total bill. On December 22, 2022, I called Verizon to inquire about options for either reducing my bill or switching my account. I called on three separate occasions that day and spoke to 3 different reps. Each of them informed me of the same thing — that if I decided to switch carriers, I would be responsible for paying the outstanding balance on my device and would forfeit any remaining promotional credits. All three assured me that that was the total amount I would be responsible for.  After careful consideration, I decided to switch to another carrier, knowing that over the course of a few months, my lower monthly rate would pay for the amount I was forfeiting in promotional credits. I happily paid the final amount and closed my account, even calling one more time, and speaking to yet another rep who assured me that that was all I owed and my account was now closed.

A month later, I was surprised to find an additional $500 charge from Verizon hit my checking account — which was not even the account I had provided for paying the remaining bill on my account. When I called Verizon, they said this was because there was some sort of rebate that I had forfeited by switching carriers. 

I looked back through my purchase agreement, and I don't see any language about this rebate. I'm not even sure where this supposed $500 came from. And even if I had missed that, the fact that three different agents failed to mention this to me prior to cancelling makes me believe that either they were intentionally hiding this from me, or that they all made an error, which I believe should entitle me to some sort of restitution on the company's part. Obviously, this would have impacted my decision of whether or not I wanted to switch carriers at this time. 

I have followed up twice now with Verizon, and both times they have told me there is nothing they are willing to do.

Does anyone have any ideas for restitution? Thank you!

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