Unlink One Verizon ID request

I have an old Fios account linked to my Verizon wireless account, and need to unlink it. I cannot unlink myself, and tech support on the phone was not able to help me either. 

I have a new Fios account, but I can't bill discounts and promotions unless it is linked with my mobile account. Can you please assist me with unlinking the old account so that I can have the new one associated with my account?

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Re: Unlink One Verizon ID request

Hi jh7,

You will need to de-enroll your Wireless line and then register again with a new log-in account and password. Have a Verizon Mobile support agent delete your Mobile registration, re-register the Mobile account, and then go through One Verizon ID linkage again with the new Home credentials.  Please post back to let us know if this resolves the issue for you.