Unprofessional Incompetent Inconsistent

On 1.24.19, I called  Verizon’s Credit Reporting Department after seeing a balance of $870.00 reporting negatively on my credit report.

@13;59pm, I spoke with the 1st agent, an unknown female in the Credit Reporting Dept.(CRD)who was unable to break down the balance but reported the balance as 0. She attempted to pull my report to view what was reporting but call was dropped. 

Called back@14:03, 2nd agent in CRD, Skyler, reported seeing bal of $870 but was unable to break down charges stating that only Customer Services (CS) can view the bill. Agent transferred me to CS. 

3rd Agent, Tami in CS, unable to view charges in detail but saw $870 outstanding bal. Tami stated she needed to transfer me to Financial Services (FS) because it was a final bill and only they can view it. I requested her supervisor. 

4th agent, Supervisor Mark in CS, restated what Tami reported and transferred me to FS. 

Spoke with 5th agent, Laura in FS, was unable to view charges and only saw $380.36 as being outstanding bold which were inclusive of September and October 2016, which after credits were applied, was reduced to $255.83 as being the last bill. She placed me on hold and spoke with CS, who restated they were unable to view charges. CS Rep Laura then places me on another hold to confer with her supervisor who instructed her that I needed to contact their Credit Recovery Department to alert them the amount is unable to be verified and to remove it. Laura then transferred me to CRD but the call dropped. I immediately called back at 15:27.

Spoke with 6th Agent Trisha in CRD. She then said only CS can make bill adjustments and unless they do so her department is unable to remove it. Agent Trisha further states she had no documentation indicating my prior conversations with the previous representatives in CS and FS. I asked her to stay on the line because I was tired of being transferred but I was on hold for 15 minutes and then cold transferred into the CS que. I hung up and called back CRD.

Spoke with 7th agent Robert in CRD and requested his supervisor immediately. I explained to him the events leading up to me speaking with him. He placed me on hold and got his supervisor Victoria.

Spoke with 8th Agent Supervisor Victoria in CRD. Victoria was extremely unprofessional and rude. I explained the situation and she  Informed me she needed to transfer me to CS and that was my only option. I then restated that I spoke with them already and she was the 8th person I was speaking with. Her response was maybe I need to speak with a 9th person. She transferred me to CS. 

Spoke with 9th Agent, Roxie in CS, who informed me that the balance is $255.83 and needed to transfer me to FS. I refused and restated my prior experiences for today. I requested a supervisor and a conference with the other departments to ensure accuracy and consistency. She then took my information down and stated she would follow up with me tomorrow, January 25th, 2019.

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Re: Unprofessional Incompetent Inconsistent

Hi Youngheart81,

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help resolve your issue.

Re: Unprofessional Incompetent Inconsistent

First off is to clear up your credit reports. Go online and get all three reports.

see if the Verizon trade line is listed and as a collections or delinquent report.

from each agency you must dispute the amounts if in deed you are not delinquent.

they will contact the creditor and if not verified they will remove it. If however it is verified or verified in error you should contact the states attorney generals office and they handle credit reporting agency matters.

the federal fair debt collections practices act is here


Your state also has laws in place which you can look up via google.

there are many remedies available to you. Follow them and be persistent.