Unprofessional customer retention specialist
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I just got off the phone with an employee in the customer retention department. I am very upset at the way the call was handled. I was yelled at and told to understand that Verizon is a business and other companies wouldn't offer the deal I was asking for either. If the gentleman coudln't offer me a better deal than that should have been the end of it. I did not need him to say "I don't see how you don't understand this." when telling me I was basically paying the same price as a new customer, except that a new customer would get a $300 gift card, free HBO/Cinemax, and faster internet than my current bundle. I don't believe a good retention policy should include talking down to your customers, raising your voice, talking about other companies policies, or telling customers about how Verizon needs to make money. As a 6 year Verizon customer, that retention specialist has convinced me to cancel my service as soon as I port my phone number to another company.

Re: Unprofessional customer retention specialist

I had a similar experience last night.  Cancelling today.