Unreturned Equipment Debt?
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Sorry for the long read...

Back around March this year I was forced to cancel my 4+ years of services with verizon which really sucked cause i REALLY enjoy Verizons service. Around early February I received a Red Cross notification from my military duty station in Florida and went back to take care of the matter with my family in Arkansas.

While in Arkansas, I had issues with my phone which rendered me requesting a replacement phone to be sent to me just a day or two before i was to make my drive back to Florida. At the same time, I received a replacement charger as well. The representative informed me that returning the old charger was not necessary, but a label was included. As I went to return the defective device I apparently placed the labels on incorrectly. I made my trip back to Florida and later my family tells me that the phone had arrived back at their house in Arkansas.

I had my family mail me the phone as I made contact with Verizon Customer Service and explained the situation.

They seemed to be understanding and the lady I spoke with told me she would be able to send out a new label so I could mail it back. Well weeks went by and I didn't get a new label in the mail yet, but I notice an unreturned equipment fee added to my account.

The fee was for $849. I couldnt make my phone payment because of this high fee. I called again and requested that another label be sent out. The representitive told me now that I would be able to return the equipment BUT i would still need to pay the unreturned fee. After talking for about an hour he told me that he was able to work something out to where it extended my return date out 180 days and I should wait for that label since it said it was sent. This was a relief so i waited patiently but still had to end my service with this high of a balance.

On May 27th, I spoke with who I THOUGHT was the most helpful CSR. His name was Thomas and his representitive ID # is 9270 and he works at the Idaho Call Center. 

I called because at this time I was receiving about 10 calls while on duty (again im in the Military and cant use my phone at work) from collections asking for immediate payments and I also recieved a new bill with a balance around $2500. I am in no way in the position to be able to make that type of payment especially as i am trying extremely hard to make the return.

The CSR informed me that he would make a note that I am trying to make a return and also I could make the return to a corperate Verizon office and that upon receipt of the devices(both the defective and the active since I had terminated my service) that debt would be removed. I requested, again, to have a label mailed to me. The CSR said it would be to me within the week, once i mail the devices it would take another week, and in 3 days of receipt Verizon would credit my account. I had a great sigh of relief and was smart enough to ensure I recorded this conversation.

A week later... guess what! No label.

I tried to take them to a corperate Verizon and they said that they cant accept them that I would have to mail them in.

Why is this so difficult?

I called again maybe 2 weeks ago and spoke with the recovery department. He explained to me that another line that I had was reconnected and had a new 2 year contract which is why i owed over $2500.

Why in the world would I even do that??

I asked to speak with a supervisor and he told me that they were all pretty busy at the time and he would have them call me back in 24-48 hours.

Now... we are here. Two weeks later, and still no communication. I feel that I am not receiving any help from Verizon despite my constant contact with them.

The worst part is that I live in an apartment that finally offers Fios and I cant get internet or TV due to this situation. I would LOVE to have Verizon services but really need some resolution to be able to.

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