Unreturned equipment charge
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I shipped back my Verizon DVR and it was received at Verizon - Alburtis, PA on 2/3 @12:00PM per my UPS tracking validation.  On 2/8 they sent a letter claiming they never received it.  I subsequently called and after waiting for an hour on the phone, I spoke with Joe K on 2/25 who noted (on ticket {edited for privacy}) that he validated the tracking confirmation and this would be addressed.  Surprise!!!!! Verizon then went into my account and stole $200 for the unreturned equipment (which was already validated as returned). They did this since I had been swindled by Verizon to sign up for the autopay nonsense.  This made it convenient for them to steal from my account as opposed to a bill that I could easily withhold payment on.  It seems like:

  1. The person signing for the equipment stole it
  2. Joe lied and never actually did anything when I called
  3. Verizon was hoping that I would not see the unauthorized charge and this may be business as usual (as I see on this forum)
  4. or All of the above

Oh - and to sweeten the deal- my account was short by - get ready - $200 when I went to pay for my credit card - so I was slammed by the credit card company with a $39 fee for not paying on time.  I am so angry that I have to keep after Verizon for this issue. Thanks Verizon for the theft and the "Great" service.  Now I know why I do not use Verizon for my cell phone service.

A bit of advice Verizon- If you have a problem with properly tracking customer equipment returns - hire operators in the call center who are empowered to validate the tracking and stop the automated theft of equipment charges to customers accounts.  Could you imagine if I had lost the tracking number receipt!!!  I know Verizon counts on that for this fraud process to work - I am just glad I happened to have kept it.  I should not have to chase this down!!!  Remove me from the Auto theft feature for stealing 200 and costing me another $39 due to the stolen money!

Re: Unreturned equipment charge

Stop auto pay immediately. As you can see it only benefits Verizon. No matter if it is a $10 off your bill. Use the one time payment.

also contact your bank or credit card and chargeback the amount. This is simpler to have them fight it out with Verizon. And you have other remedies such as your attorney general’s office to get the money that was charged by the Verizon doing an auto debit. $39

google this situation and you will see and be amazed.

Re: Unreturned equipment charge
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Hi FormerCustomer9,

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