Unsatisfactory delay in set-top box replacement

Sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning, the TV set-top box stopped functioning. I called for tech support. The technician tried a few things and quickly surmised that he could not communicate with the box. He informed me that the best he could do is replace the box, BUT the box would not be delivered until Tuesday sometime. He did say that he checked local stores for a replacement but came up empty. Also, he informed me that the warehouse was closed on the weekend. He was very polite, so I remained calm and asked if he was certain there was nothing further that he could do. He said that the best he could do is have a replacement dropped off by UPS on Tuesday. So, not only do I lose all of the shows that I have recorded, but now I will not be able to record any show for the next 3 nights.

As I told the young man, this "solution" was totally unacceptable. Verizon FiOS and Comcast are losing customers every day, and they wonder why! I know my contract with FiOS is supposed to be for another year, but poor service like this entices me to join the millions of others to cut the cord even if I am penalized for quitting my contract early. I can easily learn to change my viewing habits since others have successfully done so.


Re: Unsatisfactory delay in set-top box replacement
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Here's the problem. In order to ship a set top box to you, it has to be shipped, as in, someone needs to physically carry it to your home. Verizon uses UPS, arguably the most reliable shipping company in the world.

UPS doesn't deliver on Sundays, and they work minimally on Saturday. Even if they did work full hours on Saturday, depending on what time you actually called in, (Any reports after 3 PM are processed the next day), would have been delayed either way.

UPS is far more responsible than Verizon is due to any delay in shipping.