Upgrade prices unclear?


I placed an online order at verizon.com making changes to my FIOS internet. I used their online system to upgrade my internet speeds and was quoted a price of $99 for month 1 and then $105 for months 2-24. After the order was placed, I got a confirmation email in which a different price was quoted - $124 every month instead of the prices listed above. I called Verizon customer support and their response was "incorrect emails are sometimes sent". Anyway, I asked for another email confirming the online price. I got an email from Verizon quoting the $105 price, but this time with an additional $5 monthly charge for "cable card rental". When I asked about that, once again, the response is "ignore it". So, at this point, I have 3 different prices for the same service - (1) an online price at $99 for month 1 and $105 subsequently; (2) a confirmation email price at $125; (3) an email from a customer service representative for $110. When I asked what exactly is the price I will pay for the service - Verizon's response is $105 - just trust us!! I will not know until the next bill is generated a month from now. This is the second time this has happened. The last time I made changes to my account, I had the same kinds of vague confirmations of pricing. Eventually, Verizon charged me an incorrect amount and calls to customer service were useless - to the point I just gave up. I anticipate the same thing will happen this time. Having unclear pricing is not acceptable. As this is the second time this has happened - I am beginning to think that Verizon purposefully keeps pricing vague when orders are placed. And, they make it so hard to resolve these errors that customers are forced to just pay what they ask. I cannot understand why customer service would take this so casually and simply say something to the effect that emails are incorrectly generated sometimes - what does that mean?!! Anyway, at this time, I have filed a compaint with the Texas General Attorney's office regarding misleading pricing and am hoping to hear back from them shortly. This post is to let others know about Verizon's incompetence and causal attitude when it comes to something as important as billing and pricing commitments. 


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