Upset Customer

I requested a return kit for my unneeded Multi-Room DVR- High Definition around 11/14, one day after I payed my bill & a new billing cycle had started for me. The kit did not arrive until around the 22nd and I sent it back- walked into the post office and dropped it off and everything- on the 27th...

Now on my December bill Verizon was still charging me for the box so I called customer service and I was credited 6 dollars...and was told that I would be credited the rest in January. They even told me that my box had not arrived yet or they couldn't find it..when I had sent it two weeks ago. And so because of that the customer service lady told me 6 dollars was what I was getting back...until January.

In January, I was not credited anything and so I called customer service...again. I was asked if I returned it and I said yes.

They credited me the full $20 and said I would be getting it off my bill from now on.

Now I have yet another return kit sitting on my counter, and I am confused. I clearly returned the box in NOVEMBER, yet they are telling me to return another one...? This is plain **bleep**.

Re: Upset Customer
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Please see my post, they won't allow me to post it BUT similar issues...... Their customer service is a mess!