Usage Verification Center - a verizon face of rudeness, disrespect and lies

So, I had an issue where my account was accidently treated by my partner as a fraudlent account.  In attempting to resolve the fraud with the bank card and verizon, it was agreed that the charges were not accurate.  This was an error on my partner and verizon as we have two homes and two different accounts and both my partner and verizon were not able to put 1+1 together.  

Long story short, the bank refunded our charges to us and pulled them back from Verizon.  I saw the activity and immediately added a different card back to the Verizon account, and paid the fees all in full the same day I was informed by Verizon of the returned payments.  I re-signed up for auto bill pay.  My account was zero balance.  All good right?   NOOOOOOOO.

I immediatly call the number and they say they do not accept credit payments from me any longer and I was told this in an email on 3/25, the day I received the other notice and immediately brought the account up to date.  I'm told by the rudest woman I have ever spoken to that on 3/25 I was emailed that nothing but cash would be accepted.  I have all the emails from that day and no such claim was made.  I resolved all the issues on line that day and have the email receipts to prove it.  She continues to disrespect me and say they will only honor cash.  I ask how they have charged my credit card and have possession of my $398 and my additional payment today, which I also have the email receipt for.  She said those are not honored.  I ask her how that my credit card can be charged, money taken from my account, and yet, it is not being "honored"?  She, obviously not knowing the meaning of honor, nor being able to read the email sent on 3/25 to see that it did not say "cash only", continues to disrespect me.  

I then look up the "payment centers" from the email being sent and they are cash checking locations, not even verizon stores or anything affiliated with Verizon.  Now I call Verizon customer service and they are closed.  

How can a company "not honor" my credit card payments, but take payment from the credit card?  How can a company that I have paid in full and have email receipts of payment demand double payment?  How can a company disrespect a customer for over 15 years spending in excess of $500 a month with them treat customers with such "customer services representatives" that cannot listen, lie about facts, and berate customers?

This will be an interesting conversation when customer service calls me in the morning for sure!

Re: Usage Verification Center - a verizon face of rudeness, disrespect and lies

Well often times when 1+1 equals 2 it may not be that simple in real life situations.

evidently when there was original payment issues the money was charged back.

this is something verizon flags as to bring an account to cash only.

payment via credit card is not a given. No company has to accept credit cards, its at the company discretion. So you either pay by cash or have no service.

verizon as other companies don’t care about who pays the invoice or how or when they only care that the payments are made on time and from a valid source of payment.

there is no such disrespect as you like using. It’s purely a business decision.

do further chargebacks to recoup your funds. Then go to a Fios payment location and pay it in cash.

after six months the restrictions for payment in other forms will be reinstated.

Re: Usage Verification Center - a verizon face of rudeness, disrespect and lies
Hi SeriousIssues,

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