User interface

This probably isn't the right forum for this, but the user interface for verizon is terrible. I was trying to find pricing to switch my current service to just internet alone, I currently have TV, internet and phone. But that seems impossible to do. Then, I was looking for a good place to post this complaint, but couldn't find that either. It almost seems that verizon doesn't want to hear on ways to improve their customer service.

Re: User interface

If you look under your account either through the Fios app or from your account particulars online there is a place that shows what services you have now. You can if eligible see other upgrade/downgrade options if not under any contracts.

you do not want to call 1-800-VERIZON to drop services. They have a way of charging you higher prices and in some cases place you into a contract when you don’t want to be in one. The other problem is many times you cannot change services online so you may be forced to call in. Be careful. If you do.

however I upgraded via the Fios app with no issues.