Letter I sent to Verizon Fios & BBB

Hope my situation doesn't fall on deaf ears........

I had signed up online with Fios Verizon in March for the Triple Play promotion. An appointment was then  scheduled. That same day my new landlord had advised me my rent would be increasing $100.00.

The very next day called Verizon and advised the services that needed to be installed would be Internet only. Which was advertised on Verizon website $49.99. Thought I was lucky that my installation date did not need to be rescheduled. My 3 services with Cablevision had been canceled before My Verizon instillation with Internet only. (If I didn't cancel on the last day of my billing cycle, would have been charged another month, even if service was canceled and using another provider).  Have my cell phone,  VCR and DVD player that began using. It was a hard decision giving up my phone number that I had over 30 years: xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Having Internet only was based on my salary, bills that needed to get paid. My needs were I couldn't spend more that $70.00 per month. This would be a big savings, then paying for all 3 services and it covers my $100.00 rent increase. (savied $100.00 per month by having just Internet)

A couple days latter, Verizon Verification Dept called to confirm I was being installed with Triple Play. I should have stopped right here and ran. Explained that I called, the very next day, to have Internet only installed. Ok, thought this was again corrected.  I was told Internet only....

Day of install the Tech comes in and advises he is here to install all 3 services. I couldn't believe this. Here we go again. Had to explain the above story to him. He called someone from Verizon, which he did, from his phone. He then gave me his phone and I had to speak to her. Finally, he had the go ahead to install Internet only.

Internet only was installed. It was up and running.  What I had to sign was on a little device the Tech was carrying. He advised me he had no way to provide me a receipt? Didn't think this to be professional from a company like Verizon.

Please make sure my service isn't interrupted for the disputed, incorrect, wrong amount that I have not been paying. Have been paying 65.52 each month. That were my two first correct bills for Internet at $49.99 plus $12.00 equipment charges and tax. 

My first bill was March. It had the correct Internet pricing (that was advertised on Verizon website), Internet $49.99 Equipment Charges $12.00 Taxes. ($65.52). Which I am continuing to pay each month.

March bill also had $99.00 installation charges that I was never advised of and thought was part of promotion, for Internet only. This was credited in a very timely manner.

April bill the Internet charges were also correct. Bill was $65.52 – (March and April being charged correctly for internet).

May bill Verizon added phone service to my account with the phone # that was canceled with my previous provider a week before install. 

Called and spoke to a Verizon rep who provided credit for the phone service, my bill was then at the correct amount due $65.52. Was also advised she would be removing the phone service after explaining the above info to her.

June bill – phone service still not removed. Charged for phone service after being told wouldn't .

July bill – still phone – Wrong billing – This time was told by rep., who was very polite, this time me using chat. That since I was canceling service my Internet will go to the regular rate. PLEASE who is ever reading, I did not have phone service installed. After my Internet installation I had my phone plugged in just until the beginning of this month, mostly because I was two lazy to move furniture to get to outlet. Never once did I have a dial tone nor did any calls come in. People had told me they called that number and it just kept ringing, no voicemail. (xxxxxxxxxxxx was a disconnected #).

Hope you understand my frustration. It would make no sense for me to cancel my previous provider, disconnect that phone number that I had over 30 year. To have a higher bill?

That number was never ported over. You can see if you review my account phone is not in use. (don't need because I have cell).

I don't understand how a company can change someones account to a service that is not being provided or asked for. Then tell then they will be having higher bill because they canceled this service.

Hoping someone cares enough to fix, resolve this issue.

Since xxxxxxxxxxxx (Verizon started charging me 3 months after install) is not a working phone number, my contact number would be my cell: xxxxxxxxxx That should be showing as an updated number since I no long had xxxxxxxxxxxx.

P.S.  I almost forgot that I was supposed to receive a $50.00 gift card since I signed up online....Never Received!!!


Hi WhatDidIDo,

Your issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent. Please check your Private Message Inbox for a message from Verizon_Support. You can find your Inbox by clicking on your username at the top right corner of this page. Please direct all correspondence concerning your issue to the agents who will be assisting you privately.