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We over paid 149.99 and closed our account in DECEMBER 2022. We have called SO many times, spoke to numerous managers, in attempts to get our money paid out and each time they say they are sending a card or check and it never arrives. Each month I continue to receive a statement with a negative balance of 149.99. I have filed a report with the FTC. What else can I do? This seems extremely unethic and illegal. 

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I know that if I had a credit balance, I would be looking to have it refunded as well, Nursebuzzy. 6-months without a resolution is not okay with me. Let's see how we can help turn this experience around. Please be on the lookout for a private message from us so we can better assist.


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They did the same rigamarol with me as well! They charged me twice for the same watch plan and when I asked for my money back that I over paid, which mind you was needed very much so to go towards my Christmas shopping for my kids this year, they first told me that I would be receiving my entire $305 bill back that I had just paid but after waiting days and nothing back in my bank account, I called in and was told no they can't refund any of it back now suddenly...all they can do is credit what I overpaid to next month's bill. They make a mistake but keep my money anyways by forcing me to spend it on them next month essentially is what they are doing. This is not the first time something like this has happened to us as well. After experiencing firsthand how Verizon does business, I will be looking elsewhere for our family's phone service needs ASAP.