VISA Reward Card Confusion

Hi!  I registered for the VISA reward card when I first opened my Verizon FiOS account in December.  Whenever I log into MyVerizon, I get messages saying I haven't registered for the card.  A Verizon agent on chat told me my registration was complete, then a couple weeks later, I got an e-mail urging me to register before it was too late, and warning me that I was about to throw away money.  Since there is no Customer Support e-mail address I can find anywhere on the web site, I am posting here to ask the slightly less than rhetorical question:  what is the deal with the reward card registration?  Which is right, the web site and e-mail auto-bot that says I have not registered, or the agent I chatted with a couple of weeks ago that said I did?

Re: VISA Reward Card Confusion
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Hi WizardOfWoburn,

You can check your card status here: