Verizon Agent did not waive a fee after he said he would
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Last month I made a one-time payment. I did not know this would add back the Autopay credit I receive monthly. I assumed (wrongly) that the credit would continue as long as I am enrolled in Autopay. I spoke to a CSR about this over the phone, and he kindly said he would waive the charge.  However, I received my bill for last month and the fee was not waived. I spoke to another CSR who said that they have no record of a fee being waived and that I have not been enrolled in Autopay for the past 3 months, which is incorrect since I have been enrolled in Autopay for however long I have been on Verizon.  The CSR credited my account for $15, saying that's the non-Autopay fee for last month, which again is not correct. I tried to explain this to the agent but they said there is nothing they can do about it and that $15 is all they are authorized to wave. 

I would like to know why I was lied to by the first agent and I also would like the the entire fee waived. I would not have made a one-time payment had I known that it would cost me money.  It's a bit ridiculous I think that you can't make a one-time payment without incurring a fee. 

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