Verizon Billing Issue and Cancelling Services
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After being a customer with Verizon for 18 years, I had three horrible experiences with customer service over the last week.  My bill went up 30% and when I called to ask about it I was told that the bill would be reduced, but they didn't say how they were going to reduce it.  They reduced it by deleting my voice mailbox, my caller ID, and my non-published service, which really means nothing since I get calls all the time from telemarketers.  I have decided with the last call and the rudeness displayed by the customer service rep to cancel all of my Verizon services at the end of the month.  The representative couldn't have been more eager to get rid of my phone.  I will no longer spend my hard earned money with a company that has awful customer service. 

Re: Verizon Billing Issue and Cancelling Services
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This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.