Verizon Customer Service is Horrible!

Being a Verizon customer for longer than Verizon has been around today I have found the end of my patience.  Every 3 months I have called asking if Fios is in my area.  3 blocks from my home there is FIOS service for last 2 years.  I give them my name and address then I am put on hold for 7 minutes to check and customer service comes back and ask for access to my account to check to see if available!!!  Ok, what was he doing for the last 7 minutes!  I ask please just check the address and give me a yes or no... So after another 10 minutes I ask for a supervisor.  It takes me asking 3 times and finally getting upset to be handed over to a supervisor named Carlos.  Ok, I tell Carlos the problem and he tells me the customer service person is new and will do off line training.  I have made this call 8 times before and always the same run around.  He finally tells me that the serivce is available.  I agree for him to access my account and he pulling up my name in Holiday, FL.  I live in St; Petersburg, FL.  I explain to him my name is David D **** and he says I have an account in Holiday.  I am now getting upset with all these hackers getting into large mainframes so I asked to find out if that account is actrive, when it was established and where is the bill be sent to.  On hold again for 5 plus minutes all I know is it is now over 40 minutes total time.  He comes back and tells me he was pulling up David A **** and that for my address in St. Petersburg it is not available.  So after a total of 53 minutes on the phone just asking if the service is available at my home address.  Verizon customer service sucks and hard to believe it is getting worst!  I gave up my land line 2 years ago because of poor customer service but kept the dsl thinking fios wouild be in the area soon, afterall my friend that lives exactly 14 houses to the west of me has the service.  Today after this call I do not care if FIOS comes to my area and they give it to me for free!  I will be shopping for a new carrier for my internet service and cancelling Verizon.  Such a shame, as I stated in the beginning I been with Verizon and the previous company that Verizon purchased for the last 22 years.  I will not spend another dime of my money with this company non will I ever have any service in the future.  I can't be the only person who has such problems out of Verizon.  The worst part of this, I never call them except every 3 months to find out if FIOS was available.  So anybody who is thinking VERIZON is the company that deserves your money, don't do it.  They are horrible and do not care about their customer base.  Last thought do you realize if you ask a Verizon Customer Service Supervisor or Manager for their phone number they tell you they cannot give that out or they do not have one.  The are the phone company and they do not have calling services.