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Verizon billed me for over three years for a service that I had cancelled.

In July 2020 my fourteen-year-old got a memorable physics lesson when his cell phone ejected 110 feet from his pocket while on a roller coaster.  His phone and SIM were annihilated.  I cancelled prepay services on that device, got him a new phone and phone number, and added his new line to my post-paid account.  This was in July 2020 but Verizon continued to bill me for over three years for prepaid service on the destroyed device. 

I realized the error and have been trying to get a refund for nearly two months.  I have spent HOURS on the phone but have gotten nowhere.  Twice in one day I was hung up on after waiting on hold more than one hour to speak to a supervisor.  It’s been fun explaining my situation repeatedly often to the same person while on the same phone call.  I have come to realize the phrase “you will hear from us within 3-5 business days” is code for “I gotta get this lady off the phone.”

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Wondering how this worked out for you. I bought some new lines (that came with temporary numbers) and brought my elderly parents over to them from their prepaid account. Verizon reps ported their old pre-paid numbers to these new post-paid lines, but we can’t seem to cancel their prepaid accounts without losing the numbers. I have spent nearly 9 hours on the phone with Verizon reps. I get transferred to people who have no idea what is going on, I get disconnected, I get told it’s all fixed (only to find out it’s not), I get told it will only take 30 minutes to fix (and spend the next 2 hours on hold), and then today I was told I have to send the phones back and get new ones. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back after all the time I’ve spent setting them up. But I know if I just stop payment on the prepaid account, I’ll end up being billed down the line.

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Vicki19, we are sorry to read about your ongoing issues with getting the new lines set up correctly for your parents. If lines are being transferred from a Prepaid account to a Postpaid Monthly Service Plan, those lines would typically migrate over at the time of purchase rather than having temporary numbers. If the prepaid numbers are not currently on your existing Verizon account, our Inside Sales team (800-225-5499) can assist with getting those moved over, but they would not replace the newly added lines.