Verizon Customer service is a misnomer

My long distance carrier was PICed, meaning changed without my permission long ago about 6 month ago I called CS and asked to be put back on Verizon LD and then put a PIC lock (meaning no one can change my OLD provider) again now that I check my bill the other company is still there!!!Cat Mad

I called and the first operator was rude and all she would say to call the other provider and then hang-up on me when I asked for her supervisor.

my second call I got a much better but untrained rep. I had to explain her a PIC is  Cat Mad after helping her through telecom 101, she found out that all LD services are provided by Verizon.

so I asked if all LD services are being provided Verizon and I already have a pick lock why is verizon still taking money for a service a third party is not providing.

DEAD SILENCE,                                            CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW, not good!!!!

this is why everyday more customers are unplugging.  One satisfied customer will tell a single friend an unsatisfied customer will tell 12.  I will tell everyone I can I will go on twiiter, facebook and any blog I can to tell this story and try to prevent others to be caught up with such a careless company.