Verizon Deposit Refund
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I cancelled my high-speed internet plan on November 21, 2018, having had absolutely horrible internet service (constantly dropping out/reconnecting and way below-advertised connection bandwidth).

It is now January 19, 2019 (two months later), and I have yet to receive a refund for my $250 deposit (plus additional money Verizon owes me for having prepaid and terminated before the end of a billing cycle).

Keep in mind, there was no equipment to return since I had to buy the DSL modem to begin with and, let me mention again, the service was all prepaid. A deposit is typically used as some financial security for a property or service. As part of my DSL agreement, I bought the equipment outright and prepaid the service. Two months is more than enough grace period for Verizon to get me a refund.

Whenever I call the 1800VERIZON number for billing, it hangs up on me. I can sometimes get a technical support person who is unable to do anything about billing. These technical support persons also couldn't fix my service problems. They were always in another country (I asked), so I'm not sure how they were going to fix physical problems with equipment/lines. 

Bottom line Verizon: I am serving you notice that I will file a complaint with the state about this. If I had ever been two months late with a payment, I am sure Verizon would not hesitate to forward this to collection.

I am so glad to be rid of Verizon. I will vigorously oppose any of their fios or wireless tower expansion plans in my area.

In addition, I don't think I ever should have had to make a deposit, especially such a large one, since I bought my equipment outright and prepaid service. It doesn't make any sense. When I questioned the Verizon sales person about this during signup, the person's exact response was, "If you don't want to pay the deposit, then you don't have to get service." My response to Verizon is, "If you want to run a monopoly instead of having a free/open market, be prepared for some regulation/minimum standards for service the public on your phone, fios, and wireless businesses." Verizon is a public utility, operating a monopoly/franchise in many regions and, as part of that deal/position of power, it has a duty (which the state public service commission can remind them of) to provide services to the public.

Is it possible for DSL internet service to get any worse? Somehow Verizon has figured out how to offer lower quality service at ever-increasing prices.

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