Verizon FIOS Collection Nightmare
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Verizon FIOS sent me final bill. The bill was incorrect. When I called back to dispute, Verizon rep was unable to locate my account. She told me if she can't find it-nothing is due so I can disregard. When I received another bill I called again and received the same answer.

In August I received the letter from I.C. System. I sent them the letter stating that I was disputing the debt. On Nov 7 I discovered that Verizon reported this debt to all 3 credit bureaus. When I called I.C Systems they said that they no longer service this debt and that it's now serviced by Verizon. I called back to Verizon and they said they were unable to do anything. They suggested I should just pay the debt. Now I am in the middle of mortgage refinace. My credit score dropped 100 points because of this. I would be glad to pay it my Verizon is not willing to remove this entry from credit report. What should I do now?

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Sorry you are having difficulty, an agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information to help you resolve your issue.