Verizon FIOS prorated cancellations

I had an internet only account.  Before I cancelled, I chatted and called to confirm that if I cancel in the middle of my billing cycle, I would be prorated.

Well I cancelled and only ended up using 1 day of service, but I was billed for an entire month.  This was a year ago.  I called back then and spoke with someone who was supposed to look into it and fix it, but never did.  I never paid the final bill, as I was waiting for the billed to be corrected.

Well I forgot about it, and it was never fixed.  Now I have been sent to collections.

The best part, is that I have it in writing that my account was eligible to be prorated.

I ended up speaking with a Madline in the escalation department.  She insisted that everyone is trained that there is NO prorating for internet only accounts.  She informed me that should would not credit my account because it was my responsibility to read all the T&C.

Well, I cant find the T&C that state this.  here's another posting of Verizon giving false information:

I do not feel I should be responsible for paying for something i didnt use, and have been constantly told I will be prorated.   Can anyone help?

Re: Verizon FIOS prorated cancellations

not hard to find. Verizon cannot assist you because it went unpaid unfortunately it impacts your credit bureaus score 7-10 years negative. Fix that if you can.