Verizon Fios Set Up- Frustration of poor customer service

I ordered Verizon Fios internet and chose self install. Contacted customer support asking why it could not be turned on sooner. After being bounced around for 3 hours talking to several representatives they had informed me a technician would be coming to my house on October 22nd, between 11-3PM... I was confused because i chose self install. I received an email to verify. No one showed up, so i later contacted customer support. THey saw no record of such technician. Informed me they would start my service and to contact customer service the next day if I had an issue. I am currently being bounced around customer service representatives again after 2 hours of talking. Every time i feel they might figure it out. However i am tired of this whole situation because i have spent so many hours just trying to get internet! I feel i should just switch to comcast at this point.

I dont know if this is a good place to post, but i dont know where else to go. As the web support has made me spend possibly 6 hours and getting no where... Waiting nearly a week now for internet.