Verizon Lied About HBO to Get Me to Extend My Contract
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I am also experiencing having received incorrect information that I am categorizing as a  "mistake" for the time being. It seems my issue is far from the first time inwhich this categorization of "mishap" has happened. 

I am back from bereavement leave and I spoke with Fios-Verizon about billing and service, yesterday, 5/11/18 from just after 5pm - 7:10pm. For most of the nearly two hours I spoke to "Phillip" from Texas about reducing my bill and or service. He reassured me several times throughout the conversation that I was NOT losing HBO. He claimed he had found a way that allowed me to keep HBO, TCM, HGTV etc... for a monthly price of $156.38. I stressed over and over again that I couldn't go above $150.00s/month but I still wanted HBO. Had that not been possible, I would not have been on the phone for nearly two hours.  The math and searching for packages took a long time. My end of the bargain was to ask questions, to ask for clarification when it was needed and to request that any confusion be simply explained to me, to my satisfaction.  I felt Phillip did an excellent job. At no time did I suspect there was even a hint that I'd walk away with an offer that didn't include HBO. He even began to read aloud line by line, the channels I was going to lose! I once again, listed what channels, like HBO, that I needed. Please listen to the recorded conversation and you will hear how many times I checked and checked again about keeping HBO. You will hear Phillip reiterate and reassure me that HBO was included in my deal. I attempted to watch Real Time last night to find that HBO had been taken away. I was upset because I took the only measures I could, as a customer, to make sure I kept HBO. That measure was to verbally ask. Together, Phillip and I looked at the deal once he sent me the email with the new offer. There was no list of TV channels. I wasn't looking for one since I had been reassured by Phillip so many times at this point that I was NOT losing HBO. I had the reasonable expectation that Phillip is honest and professional. Well, as impossible as it seems, after all of the repetitive reassurances, Fios-Verizon took away my HBO service.  

I called last night after closing and then again this morning just after 11am. This morning I spoke with Adam who transferred me to Greg. Neither agent could see HBO in my deal. I couldn't see it either but after nearly two hours on the phone, I was sure Phillip had done something "special" to get me an offer including HBO that I accepted. Again, I would not have accepted losing HBO. Greg said he couldn't help me. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. I didn't understand why I had to do so much leg work for a mistake that was not mine. I was losing confidence that Fios-Verizon was actually going to honor the deal they offered me just the day before. I spoke with Mark who claimed he could not honor the agreement that was made the previous day. He mentioned management ... I don't recall why but I asked to speak with them, Mark said he wouldn't be able to do that either. I asked what could be done. Again, evidently this was a mistake made by FIOS-Verizon but I am the one doing all of the work to resolve the issue. Greg offered a one month credit for the difference for a 24 month contract. In trying to meet FIOS-Verizon halfway, I asked for a six month credit ( forgetting the contract was for two years instead of one ). Mark said that that solution was also impossible. I asked again and again... please honor the promise that was made yesterday. Again I was told no. I was told no one could help me. I was told calling any other number on Monday would not help me. I was told no other discounts would be given. After another two hours, *please note: I am not an employee of Fios-Verizon and the mistake was not mine to correct, the call ended and no solution was reached. I understand that supervisor Mark and agent Greg put "notes" on  my account. Can't Phillip's notes from yesterday be read as well? I think it is painfully unfair to punish me for a mistake made by FIOS-Verizon. I have a reasonable expectation that Fios-Verizon honor their word. I have a reasonable expectation that If Fios-Verizon makes a mistake that the correction of such a mistake not be at my expense. I am not trying to get away with anything, here. I am acutely frustrated and feel less than confident with my business relationship with Fios-Verizon. 

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