Verizon Not Honoring Agreement For $250 VISA Gift Card

Dear community members,

I have seen others share their stories of Verizon not honoring their promotional agreements. Sadly I to am an unfortunate victim of this practice. I recently entered a 2-year agreement (2/1/14) with Verizon for their Triple Play bundle. This bundle was priced out at a promotional rate for the first year, and then a standard rate for the second year. Moreover, I was told that as part of this bundle I was eligible for a $250 VISA Gift Card.

I called today to see if Verizon could match a promotional price I saw on TV for another one of their bundles, but I was told that this price was for new customers only. No matter. I took the opportunity to ask when I would receive my VISA gift card. I was told that I would not be receiving one; instead, I was given a 3-month preview of their premium movie channels. This was not part of the agreement I made with Verizon. When I called customer service I was told by a member of their 'Elite' team that there was nothing they could do and that my only option was to stay with the current plan or cancel and rebundle (although doing this may make me ineligible for current promotions). This representative had absolutely no inclination to listen to me.

I am extremely dissatisfied with Verizon. Their promotions are disingenious, their pricing plans obscure and their customer service intransigent and unhelpful. I am considering terminating my bundle within the 30-day cancellation window and going with a competitor. I have already filed a complain with the Better Business Bureau and am considering other means of consumer advocacy.  

Please consider other competitors for your internet, TV and telephone needs if possible. 

Re: Verizon Not Honoring Agreement For $250 VISA Gift Card

I too got scammed.