Verizon Paid Off Wrong Phone

We had a family plan. My step son and his family members changed to T Mobile. He had to pay off his wife’s phone with Verizon which he did. Their lines dropped off my plan but Verizon paid off the wrong phone which was my phone. I was on a special trade in promotion where I got a credit every month for the charge for my phone  so I would have no reason to pay off my phone unless I was leaving Verizon. My next bill was $754. which included the balance on my daughter in-laws phone. The mistake in paying off the wrong phone was made by Verizon employees either in error or on purpose to try to exhort more money out of me. I spent hours on the phone to get this resolved. My next bill reflected $111. Instead of $754.  Then today I got a text and email saying I am past due around $600. and in danger of having my service cut off. I have been lied to so many times by Verizon I cannot keep count. I don’t  even want to talk to them because they create incredibly complex billing contortions to keep me confused and just tell me more lies. I am at my wits end. I am 75 years old and perfectly with it. I am considering reporting them for elder abuse plus filing complaints with the FCC, Better Business Bureau and the states attorney general. This abuse of customers has to stop!

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Re: Verizon Paid Off Wrong Phone
Customer Service Rep

I am here to help. Will you join me in a private note?