Verizon Payment

Thank you for the opportunity to explain my frustration with trying to pay on my account. I live in Florida, another home in NH. My son's phone is in MY name. I pay the bill! I log on to make a payment and enter my User name or the above phone number. I get to the enter password and hit a block! The temporary password is sent to my son's phone and he sends it to me and I enter it in an effort to create a new password. I get nowhere. All I'm trying to do is giv Verizon money!

Can you PLEASE help me?

Many thanks!

Re: Verizon Payment
Community Leader
Community Leader

FYI, you're talking to customer's of Verizon's fixed residential services.  If your question is about wireless, you should pop over to or call the wireless support number.

If your question is with residential services, you probabaly need to talk to Verizon.  Give them a call or chat.  Click here for options: Contact Us.

Good Luck.