Verizon Prepaid Mastercard / NorthLane Cannot Redeem
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I was issued a Verizon Prepaid Mastercard after turning off my land line.  It came with instructions to go to a website managed by NorthLane. I have had issues accessing the site. I have been unable to redeem the funds that are on the card in order to transfer them into my personal checking account. I get an error message saying “Error! We are unable to validate the information provided. Please try again.”  That is just to register for an account, which is the first step in the process. I have not been successful in being able to do that. 

I cannot get in touch with anyone at NorthLane. No one human answers their phone. It’s all done by voice prompts. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Verizon Prepaid Mastercard / NorthLane Cannot Redeem
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I'm having pretty much the same issues.  The website is terrible.  It's so bad that one can't help but assume that it's a ploy to get customers to give up on claiming their refunds due to sheer frustration.  Shame on Verizon for this.