Verizon Promotion Errors
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Hi, I’m just very confused on Verizon’s customer service and what to do next? I’m all together about to cancel my service and go back to T Mobile. In late December for my birthday I broke my phone and decided during the promotions of the buy the Apple IPhone 14 get an Apple Watch and Apple IPad for free as long as I purchase service. I did this promotion in fact purchased service and bought the items and switched carriers for the first time in 10 years. I then receive an email saying my order was cancelled due to a billing problem. Which left me confused because Verizon had taken the money out and then refunded me my money. Strangely odd I had to to contact Verizon support since I work night shift and no stores are open. Cancelled my order and have screenshots re did a new order. I then received an IPad in the mail thinking it’s from my order signed opened it ported over all my info for my Apple accounts. A week later I receive the rest of my shipment to and receive a second IPad which was not ordered.

I contact them ask them about it they stated my first order was cancelled and the second IPad didn’t show up on my account. So I decided since I work 6 nights a week 12 hr shifts I’ll go into the store on my day off. Didn’t have time and got Covid again so I called about it they sent me a return. But the return is for the IPad on my account not the extra so it was very confusing. So I finally get a day off go into the store after getting an email my bill wasn’t paid after I just paid it.


The Verizon team opened two different account under my social security number one I had no access to and I was getting charged. So my next step which took 3 different Verizon stores and two corporate offices to try and resolve finally the store at Woodmen and Academy corporate office and Mr Rich the manager helped and we had to stay on the phone 2 and a half hours to get this resolved with support. They took back the unopened iPad so I wouldn’t be charged a fee removed it from my account leaving a balance. They said to call back in the next week to start a tys transfer of service of the opened iPad on the account I have no access to. They said they would issue a credit to me for the buyout charge.

My story keeps getting worse though I call to do it. The support person was very nice, but was having a lot of trouble with all of this. They ported it over, but no my promotion is taken away and I’m being charged for the iPad and untop of it all they said they’ve never received an iPad or processed one for return and they’re not issuing me a credit. Needless in mind I have receipts for all of this even returning the iPad. This is very frustrating I would never recommend switching to Verizon not even if it’s the only carrier. I am contacting the BBB to make a formal complaint until they resolve this. But as someone who works overnights in healthcare and just simply wanted to switch service this is the poorest customer experience I’ve ever had with any carrier.

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