Verizon Refusing to Honor Quoted Price

I signed up for Verizon on July 11 after being told that my monthly payments after all discounts (military & autopay) would be $80 for 4 lines. My first bill showed that I was being charged $120 so I called and asked about this and told them I wanted to cancel if they wouldn't honor the price I was quoted. They told me to give them a chance to correct this before considering cancelling so I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was told that a supervisor would contact me withing 24-48 hours. Unsurprisingly 4 days later I still hadn't heard back so I called again. Again, I was told please don't cancel, we will fix this! Again, I was promised a call back that never happened. The next time I called I spoke directly with a supervisor who basically told me they didn't care what I was told and they would do nothing to help. I asked for their supervisor and was given an email to send all my screenshots of the quoted price to. I sent 6 emails with not a single response. I called back exactly 31 days from signing up and told them I wanted to cancel which at that point they told me it was too late because it was past the 30 days and I would have to pay for the phones. They strung me along for the first 30 days knowing they had not intentions of getting me the price I was quoted! I finally got an agent who told me that she was going to immediately switch me to one of their customer loyalty plans and she promised me that it would take effect and she would call me back in 4 days to confirm the change was made. Surprise, surprise, it never happened and she never called me back. I am now being told I don't qualify for that plan and there is nothing they can do. They refuse to cancel me and they refuse to honor the price I was quoted. This is absolutely ridiculous. BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL CONTINUALLY BE STRUNG ALONG AND LIED TO IF YOU CHOOSE VERIZON!!! STAY FAR AWAY!!

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Customer Service Rep

This is far from the experience we want for you, and we're so sorry to hear about the conflicting information you received regarding your monthly total. We would love to take a closer look at your account and review all options with you. To better assist, we'll be sending a Private Note.