Verizon Refusing to Make Account Changes Over Money I Do Not Owe

Verizon is extorting me by refusing to let me make changes to may account unless I pay them money that I do not owe them.

In 2013 I closed my FIOS acount with Verizon after several rounds of price increases.  I was paid forward so I timed the tansfer to take place shortly before the next billign cylce and prompltly retuned all the equiptment.  Afterwards I checked my balence online which showed a credit balence.  Several weeks later I received a bill for $87+/- with a threat to send me to collections.  I went online and my bill clearly still showed a credit balence on my account.  I called Verizon and their representative refused to expalin how I could owe them money when my account clearly showed a credit balence.  I was told, much to my disbelief, that the website bills are unreliable and that I needed to pay them what they claimed I owed them or I would be sent to collections.  I requested that someone explain to me where the error was that caused the discrepancy but noone could. After several hours wasted on the phone with billing supervisors who possessed limited grasp of basic mathmatics I filed a complaint with the NYS Public Service Commision.  A Verizon rep called in response to the complaint and I forwarded screen shots of may accounts clearly showing a credit balence. They said that they would look into and get back to me.  I never heard back but no further attempts were made to collect so I let it drop.

Fast forwad to 12/2017.  I return to FIOS based on a promotion that they are running.  When opening the new account they bring up the old bill.  I speak to a billing rep and explain the situation and they open the account and say that the old debt will be discharged.  

Now, six months later,  I go to add a new box to my system and get told that I can't have the box because my account is on credit hold due to the old invoice.  My current account has been paid with autopay for six months and never been late.

I call billing and get told that no changes can be made to the account unless I pay the old bill.   When I dispute the validity of the charge I then get continuosly passed back and forth between multiple departments each time with long hold times.  Each time I explain the situation and get told that there is nothing any one in the current department can do.  I can pay the bill or no changes will be made.  I ask to speak with supervisors and just get left on hold indefinately until I hang up and start over agian.  

Verizon had the cahnce to refuse to open my account when I applied for service but they chose not to.  They are nowing trying to use the leverage they have over my services to force me to pay money that I don't owe.  This is extortion and I will not give into it!

I have filed complaints with the NYS PSC and with the BBB.

Some final thoughts on the lunacy of the Verizon bureaucracy:

  1. I have perfect credit and an unblemished payment history and yet Verizon won't let me add to my account and pay them more money.
  2. I have spoken with numerous supervisors none of which seem to be empowered to make an $87 decision.
  3. Their technology and sytems are so poor that each time you speak to a new person you start again from sqaure one.  Nothing gets passed along.
  4. Their supervisor's are not allowed to make outgoing calls. (probably A lie but that's what they tell you)
  5. Their employees are much better trained in explaining why they can't help you ranther than being trained to actually provide assistance.
Re: Getting Extorted by Verizon
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