Verizon Reported me to credit agencies
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I signed up for verizon wireless a few months ago. I cancelled the service very next day due to poor reception where i live. I received a bill of over $50 for having service for 1 day and not using a single minute OR any data at all. I called the customer service to waive the fee as I never used any service. I was told I will receive an updated statement which apparently never happened and I just noticed last month that my credit score dropped over 100 points. I called Verizon but they said it was already forwarded to Convergent for collections. I called the collection agency and paid the amount due. I think my time is worth more than fighting for $50.

I had been a long term verizon wireless customer for many many years in the past without a single late payment. And they reported me to credit agencies over $50.

I do not know who i can contact in Verizon that can help me fix my credit report.

i really hope Verizon will help me fix this.

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Oh, no! Dealing with credit issues can be overwhelming, especially if It's affecting your score. Verizon wants to guide you in the right direction. We sent you a Private Note. Please review at your best convenience.