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I am digruntled with my Verizon service.  I have been a customer for nearly 10 years.  New customers are offered incentives to join Verizon, ie. no charges for DVRs and reduced premium channels.  Customers who have remained loyal to the company are not offered any incentives.  After the honeymoon period when incentives disappear, customers are stuck with exoribant rates.  After completing the mandatory 2-year contract period, customers then have the option of remaining with Verizon or transferring to another provider.  Other providers are offering numeroud incentives the same as Verizon does for new customers.  However, Verizon does not offer any incentives for its own customer base.  Its a senseless system that encourages customers to transfer between providers in order to be offered reasonable rates for services.  I previously did switch from Verizon for a brief period and benefited from reduced rates when I returned.  I am now nearing the expiration of my current contract. I called customer support hoping Verizon had improved its business model and now offered equivalent incentives to current customers, hoever, I was told it would be better for me to leave Verizon and come back later if I wanted better offerings.  This makes no sense, however, I am tired of paying nearly $300 mo for something DirectTV or Comcast can offer for $100 less, so I will be departing Verizon perhaps for the last time.  If Verizon cannot invest in maintaining its customer base with incentives equal to those offered to new customers, its apparent that Verizon does not value its customers.  We have suffered through the reduction of staffing by Verizon at the call centers and the reduction of corporate stores which can provide needed services.  Now all there is available is limited services, unknowledgable call center personnel, and endless waiting periods on the phone.  I hope Verizon figures out that maintaining customers is as important as attracting new customers.