Verizon Sent Me A Bill For Service Never Received

Verizon has sent me a bill for service that I never received. First I had a credit on my last bill because I was transferring service. The technician never showed up to activate the service. Verizon calls me on my two hour commute home, less than one hour before he is supposed to show up and says he is not coming. Then they tell me they will call back with a replacement and they never called back. Well, since they did not show up, I cancelled the service with NO PENALTY. I also received another confirmation of this credit. Then, I get a another bill. You did not show up Verizon, so there is nothing to bill!  No one on the online chat is able to assist because "they don't deal with that and I would have to call the billing department" which is of course is closed at the precise moment I get the bill. In addition, I couldn't remove your automatic billing for up to 30 days from the date of the change which would allow them to bill your credit card. They will bill your credit card for the amount on the latest document produced despite the fact that have confirmed that you have only credits on your account and no charges. I will not be a returning customer to Verizon, that is for sure. No one has time to deal with this headache. I will make sure to tell everyone I know of the horrible experience that I have had with Verizon.