Verizon Survey Link Not Working

I was emailed this link in regards to taking a survey for Ticket #

{edited for privacy}

That link takes me to a page that shows:

We are sorry, but a problem with your request has occured.
Please use the Back button below to return to the previous page.

If the problem persists, contact your supervisor.

PLEASE LMK how I can fill out this survey.  Sorry for violating Community Forum guidelines by including the Ticket # but I assume you'll need it so you can look up what I'm being surveyed about.

Re: Verizon Survey Link Not Working
Moderator Emeritus

Hi greenguy,

We were able to reach the survey page successfully using your link.  We removed the link to prevent anyone else from completing the survey for you.  Please try clearing your browser cache and Verizon cookies or try using a different browser.