Verizon Switch Cards Never Provided

I never received my two Verizon switch rebates ($200 per line). When I contacted the representative I was given a hard time about not requesting it and a great deal of incorrect information. Finally I spoke to a supervisor and she agreed I should be issued the cards and confirmed my email. She stated the cards would be sent to my email address within 7 business days (from Dec 5) and she would call me back in a week make sure they were received. I never received the cards or heard anything.

I invested a huge amount of time to get to this point and have gotten nothing promised. Does anyone have a direct higher level escalated support line so I can avoided the wasted hour to get back to that point with empty promises again?

Re: Verizon Switch Cards Never Provided
Customer Service Rep


Thank you for reaching us out! I will be sending you a private note. >Jocelyn