Verizon Takes Advantage of Autopay
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After being a Verizon custome for 15 years I decided to change to AT&T. I always paid on time, bought and paid for my phone up front and took care of my committment to Verizon, however, Verizon did not keep their committment to me. Since I am on a fixed income I explained to them that I needed to be assured of the amount that would be coming out of my check each month. Like a stupid fool I signed up for Autopay because I trusted Verizon. Over the years the quality of service went down, my payments went. I am a senior citizen and when I asked about discounts I was told that there were no discounts for senior citizens, I went along with that thinking that Verizon would take care of me.....they did not! In fact that mislead me and they took advantage of me. I cancelled my service with Verizon on 3/15/2023 and today I say where Verizon took $140.00 from my account without authorization and without any emails or text. Being I am 81 years of age and living off a limited income and with other bills to pay this action left me in total shock and depression. One thing I can say about Verizon is that they left this 81 year old senior citizen penniless and destitute. 

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Thanks for your message! We are saddened to learn you have canceled service with us. However, we are here to help, and provide clarification on Auto Pay. When it comes to Auto Pay if it was not canceled, then the payment would be withdrawn for the bill that was due. Did you request that it be canceled, or did you attempt to cancel it via MyVerizon prior to your account closing? *Andrea