Verizon Usage Center is not very customer friendly

So Verizon Usage center are the rudest heartless peaople I have ever dealt with. I understand there job id to collect money that is owed verizon from customers who have had hardship. Well you try and explain to them what is going on, and how you can fix the problem, but all they say is there nothing we can do cash only payments. Well I ran into a problems we had bounced a check ok stuff happens in life. So they turned off our outgoing phone service. I have life alert because I a sickly and it is not working because of this. Well I had to go get a debt consolidation loan to help pay what I owed, the only problem was the loan company wanted  me to pay it electronicly. So they had a paper trail to show where the money went. So I did that Verizon accepted the payment but the the usage center said they cant except it because it wasnt cash. I explain the situation and they dont care. this is so much **bleep**. So know I payed the service but it still can be disconnected because of the payment. this is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Even the electric &Y gas company work with you. So please retrain your employees to understand people and help when they can.

Re: Verizon Usage Center is not very customer friendly

Some companies having received bounced checks have resorted to payment in cash only. This protects the companies from further costs associated with processing payments that may bounce again.

then factor in turning service on and off, yeah it’s a computer doing the service but Verizon and others charge a reactivaction fee.

stopping by a Verizon retail location either you or a representative to pay the bill should not be a issue.