Verizon Visa Dollars Running Balance with Transaction Listing
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It's really frustrating that there is no page to view where Verizon Dollars have been redeemed. All we can see is a running balance and lifetime earnings? This is hardly helpful, yet extremely convenient for Verizon that we as customers have no way to audit our own device dollars through their system. I have logged multiple discrepancies in their running balance through my own accounting of Verizon Dollars in an excel spreadsheet with each Visa statement. I recommend other cardholders do just the same. Verizon, you need to implement a page that shows Verizon Dollars running balances with corresponding redemptions and credits, all in an easy to understand user interface. Each transaction affecting the Verizon Dollar balance should be listed. The fact that there has been zero implementation of a friendly and transparent user interface speaks loudly to the gimmicky and opportunistic traits of this program by Verizon. Each month my Verizon Dollars balance fluctuates between $20-30. This discrepancy cannot be explained by any returns processed to my card, or any redemptions. It just disappears. If it's some kind of merchant code adjustment, I would understand and ONLY if given such an explanation. But again, the blatant lack of transparency on Verizon Dollar balances is insane. Perhaps Verizon thinks they are doing us a favor by offering the card at all so we should take the hits as part of that "kind" gesture. 

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