Verizon Wireless and Credit Report

I have never been more mad in my entire life. I used to be a loyal customer with Verizon, love their service until this whole ordeal and now I swear I will never do any business with Verizon until this issue is resolved. 

I entered a contract with Verizon back in 2013. in early 2015, I was switched to a loyal plan by a rep who told me that they can lower down my monthly bill. Then, I switch from post-paid to pre-paid in an effort to lower down my monthly payment. After that, I was hit with a huge early termination charge. I tried to contact customer servicer repeatedly, spending hours and hours on the call with them to dispute the charges. They were absolutely no help. They had the toughest time trying to get to my account because everything was "lost" when I switched from post-paid to pre-paid, even though I was with the same company! how ridiculous is that. I called multiple times from december to March, after which I didn't hear anything back. Then, I get a hit with a delinquincy on my credit report, which lower down my credit report. This is ridiculous, I've never seen such horrible credit filing by a company before. They just care about their money and nothing for customer service. 

I will continue to fight this until this is removed from my credit report for the next 7 years. I don't care how long it will take. Have anyone had this issue with Verizon? If so, does hiring a lawyer help? 

Re: Verizon Wireless and Credit Report
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