Verizon billing date change question

I cannot believe that there is no way possible that a billing date cannot be changed.  I have never had an issue anywhere with getting a billing date changed.  Things change in peoples lives which of course alters may things.  Example for me in the last few years melnola skin cancer, having two children, my one year old having to have major heart surgery and change of jobs and it just amazes me that I cannot get a date changed on a bill.

I was just shocked that when I called up I was just flat out told 'NO' that a billing date cannot be changed.  Now here is a good question why can you change it for Wireless with no issues, but when it comes to Residential it cannot be changed.  Go figure.

This is insane and **bleep** me off.  Chaning a date for a due date shold not be an issue as long as you pay every month.  It must be the late fees that they want to keep collecting on.  I would have never switched back if I would have known this.  They pull you in with all the deals, but when it comes down to being able to really work with the customer and help them out, forget it.  I guess I will just have to switch back to Cable Vision.  They were a lot better with helping the customer out when in need.


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